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Caution!!!! BC Game is cheating on the people claiming it was their own fault. although i had set stop on loss in the setup of the game Limbo, my balance is almost completely broken. When I wanted to find out more about this at the support, I was told that this was my fault. and it is not the first time that such incidents have happened. whether it is a task bonus or deposit bonus or the break-offs, yes even with coco - rewards you get cheated, like all areas of this page. I can prove this. Guys, don't let your coins take away, BC Game will cheat you ... I recommend you avoid this casino immediately and tell every player you come across about it. Rather try these places:

Here you can also get unlimited faucets and raingrabs, which BC does not have to show.

If you need any help or have any questions, I am always at your disposal.

I wish you good luck and success for the future!

Your PrimoLive

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