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Deposit Bonus Not Honored - Faulty UI, Error??


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Hi,  today (11:54am PST)   I logged into my account and went to make a deposit.  I saw 3 boxes, each of the with a corresponding deposit bonus description. I believe they were $200 deposit would provide 80%, $1000 dollar deposit would provide 100% and the third may have been something close to $2000 deposit would provide a 120% (not exactly sure).  

So, Instead of making the normal $20-$40 deposits that I make,  I figured that I would make one more deposit that would meet the bonus threshold of $200.  I was depositing Cake at the time and saw that it read approx. 5.85 CAKE tokens would be the amount needed to obtain the bonus, so I deposited 6 to be on the safe side.  

After the deposit was made and I played for 30 minutes or so, I looked at my balance and saw that the BCD Locked Bonus amount hadn't changed from what it was from my first 2 eligible deposits.  I then logged into the live help chat and was told that the bonus had ended on the 24th, to which I stated that It was just on my screen 30 minutes earlier when I was told that the 5.85 CAKE would meet the requirement.   He then tells me to send him a screenshot (probably knowing that they had a problem from others complaints and made a quick fix).  I then go back to the wallet to get a screenshot and the bonus display/advertisement was no longer there.   

I'm sure that you guys can gather what happened from there. (NOTHING)  Basically. I'm lying about what was shown to me on a BC controlled UI that has been more than a little glitchy since the update.   Since I don't randomly take screenshots of my daily PC activities as well as the fact that I thought that BC.Game had integrity, I could not provide a screenshot of the now non-existent advertisement and thus am not getting the bonus that was advertised to me at the time of the deposit.   

As this is a bonus that I have received from the first two deposits and the fact that it is $200 that would take weeks and quite a bit of wagering to unlock, I'm not too mad about the bonus itself.  I am however really disappointed since I thought that I had finally found a legitimate (haven't come across many) crypto gambling site.   

The fact that it is well known how glitchy the site has been since the update and the fact that I have wagered about a quarter of a million dollars here (VIP-yeah right), one would think that this would have been handled differently.    😞


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