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Lack of fairness in game contrary to your site claims


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Hi, I'm sure you are a good person, I have rheumatoid arthritis and I have a lot of pain every day and I lose my job, I lost a lot of dodge today and I have no money left except  If you can get some air in this game and help me get one of the balls into the coefficient of 1000 to reduce some of my problems, I know  Which is a very low 100,000 Dodge for you, but it is high for me, if you want to send me evidence of the disease  Thank you for your kind consideration and kindness، 

Please note what the real inequity in delivering these games can be for your customers and don't just think about it. I just lose all your medicine as I said if you had a fair bit  You wouldn't do that to me, pay attention to the movie I sent you, even though with jb that you are offering for free and worth nothing, how fast all of my inventory will end!  It's been very, very bad since the last update, and no matter what people think of you, no matter what you think of them, if you continue to do so the space will react quickly and your work will be hard, whispering protests from now on  Has begun

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