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A Civilised Introduction


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Hello everyone. I just realised that I didn't introduce myself yet. 

I'm a 30 something guy living in Belgium. I've been in crypto ever since 2010, when I mined some bitcoin, forgot about crypto until 2014 and haven't left ever since.  Still regretting not keeping wallet info haha. 

I'm a polyglot, or atleast I think of myself as one. My mothertongue is dutch,  but I also can express myself in english(duh), french, german and a few words in spanish and greek.  Guess that's a perk for living in Belgium, as we all have a few languages in school. 

I like movies, especially sci-fi, videogames (ps4 and Nintendo switch), bike, music (pop, dnb, elektro, 80s and 90s music, soundtracks of movies,...) 

Other than that, I got a girlfriend and a dog, a golden retriever, and I have a 9 to 5 job. Currently working from home, as alot of people. 

If you got any questions, just shoot, I'll try to answer them. 


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Welcome sir! Glad to have you onboard 🙂

"Life is the biggest scam of all, because eventually you die."

- digitaldash

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